The use of executive security in today’s society

The use of executive security in today’s society

Nowadays, the feeling of insecurity is growing in our population. While crime rate are rising, the police are getting less and less funding. This results in a spiral where delinquants and criminals are not punished, thus inspiring more and more people to join their ranks. Meanwhile, life is getting harder for the honest civilians : inflation rates are growing, there seems to be a financial crisis every two years… This creates even more incentives to join the wrong side of the law, since it seems easier to make a nice living by illegal activities. And thus the spiral gains more strengh. But how to we get out of this situation when the power in place are not funding the police accordingly ?

Executive protection

Executive protection, or close protection, is the employment of private security or bodyguards to ensure the safety of civilians that maybe a target of some sort. It can be adapted to a various set of criterias, depending of the reason the civilian is a target. It is not exclusif to people that have a celebrity status. It is wrong to believe you need to be known publicly to become a target. It is also wrong to believe that because your wealth isn’t showing, you cannot be a target. Nowadays, it isn’t hard to find out the wealth of the somebody. Various data leaks are available all around the internet, and it isn’t that hard for people with malicious intent to find new targets. This is why top executive protection companies will also keep track of your devices and account, to protect you in a more efficient way. They will look after your data, because it is the primary lead to your security. But they will not stop there!

Physical protection

This is the heart of their jobs : making sure you are safe from every bodily threat you could be the target of. They are not an insurrance company that will try to indemnise you after the damage is done : they will actively seek out threats and neutralize them before they reach you, preventing you from any harm. Executive protection buys you more peace of mind than any other service on the planet. It is the ultimate solution against all malicious threats. And no, it is not for the richest 1% on earth. The rule of thumb is pretty simple : if you are wealthy enough to be a target of organized crime, you are wealthy enough to buy yourself some protection.

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